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Welcome to the enchanting world of woodcarving.

Numerous artists in Val Gardena, a small valley in South Tyrol, have been creating unique sculptures for many generations. They work the wood with a lot of dedication and attention to detail and create small and larger wood sculptures that are famous around the world today. In our shop in Ortisei, as well as in our online shop, you will find a vast selection of high-quality, handcrafted artwork that stands for tradition and quality.


In our shop in the center of Ortisei you will find a wide range of wood carvings such as animals, clowns, dancers, flowers, angels, figures of saints and, of course, a fantastic collection of nativity sets.In addition to the sculptures produced by our own company, we also offer those created by other sculptors in Val Gardena.

Comploj Krippe

Comploj nativity set

The Comploj Nativity is an alpine style collection, made up of over sixty figurines with pedestal. These can be combined with each other to create a personalized, and therefore, unique composition. Each single statue is carved from fine maple or lime wood, with great attention to the details, and then hand-painted with oil colors. The Comploj crib is available in the following sizes: 6, 12, 18, 28 and 36 cm (2.5, 5, 7, 11, 14 inches).

Comploj nativity set
Orig. Kostner Krippe

Kostner Nativity

For many years now, the Kostner nativity set has been one of our bestsellers. With its 120 figurines, it is one of the largest and most beautiful collectors’ cribs. This alpine crib offers an extraordinary variety of shepherds, figures of children, animals and accessories, and each year new figurines are created to expand the collection.

Kostner Nativity
Lepi Bekleidete Krippe

Dressed Lepi Nativity

The Lepi Nativity is a wooden crib collection in baroque style, set in an oriental ambience. Its peculiarity is given by the fact that the figures wear miniature clothes. You can choose between two different collections: the popular crib, with rural features, and the oriental nativity, which exotic dresses and accessories.

Folk nativity dressed
Simon Krippe

Simon Nativity

The Simon collection is a beautiful crib with a baroque accent. The figurines can be combined in a particularly playful manner. All statues are carved from fine maple wood and hand-painted with oil colours.

Original I. Simon
Original Ulrich Krippe

Ulrich Nativity

The Ulrich crib is an elegant nativity scene in classical style. The collection consists of numerous natural-looking figures, which make the crib appear timeless. The peculiarity of this collection is the great attention to details and the remarkable care with which the figurines are carved.

Original Ulrich Nativity
Original Hirten Krippe

Shepherd’s Nativity

A rural nativity set, carved according to the typical Tyrolean tradition. The figures wear peasant clothes, represented by hats, aprons, boots and headscarves.

Original Hirten Krippe
Original Komet Krippe

Comet Nativity

The Comet Nativity is a contemporary style crib collection, with a simple and elegant design. The headgear and dresses of the figures, which are simple but elegant, recall a typically oriental style.

Original Comet Nativity
Königliche Krippe

Royal Nativity

The Royal Crib is a fancy semi-baroque collection with an oriental touch. It consists of over 80 figures, including shepherds, animals, women and children, which can be combined in a very playful way.

Royal Nativity Set