Häufig gestellte Fragen - FAQ

How long has the Comploj Andreas firm existed?

Olga and Albert Comploj established their woodcarving business in Ortisei 30 years ago. In 2014 Andreas Comploj, one of their two sons, took over the woodcarving firm. We have also been present online since 2008 and we sell woodcarvings via our online shop, too.

Do you also have a shop?

Yes, we have a shop with about 160 m² of retail space in the pedestrian area in the centre of Ortisei – South Tyrol. We offer an astonishing choice of woodcarvings and artworks in all sorts of sizes and finishes.
Address: Comploj Andreas– Via Rezia 52 – 39046 Ortisei – Tel. +39 0471 796624

Is it also possible to collect goods directly from your shop?

You can even collect your ordered woodcarvings directly from our shop in Ortisei.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30 – 12.30 and 14.00 – 18.30; Saturdays only open in the morning; closed on Sundays. In the summer months, we are open all day.

What shipping costs are added?

We do not charge packaging costs and over a certain order amount, no shipping costs within Europe.

Does the cash-on-delivery payment method incur additional expenses?

Yes, the cash-on-delivery payment charges are listed in the payment methods table.

What about delivery times?

You will receive wood figures that are in stock at the time of ordering within 3-10 working days.

How can I pay?

You can choose from the following methods of payment: prepayment, credit card, cash on delivery or PayPal.

How are my personal details saved?

Client details are saved and used solely for the transaction of your order. The data will be saved and processed in compliance with the relevant provisions of Italian law.

How are the wood figures measured?

Wood figures are always measured by their longest measurement. Upright figures are measured from head to toe; recumbent figures are measured by their width. For crib figures, the size of St. Joseph is always regarded as the reference measurement. All the other figures are carved in the right proportion to the figure of St. Joseph.

How is a prefabricated figure created

Wooden sculptures can be created in two ways: they can be completely hand-carved or pre-milled with a machine and then finished by hand. In both cases, however, they are original Gardena handcrafted woodcarvings. The preliminary work with the pantograph merely makes it possible to speed up the first steps of production, so that a high-quality product can be offered at a lower price.

How is a prefabricated figure created?

First, the sculptor moulds a figure in clay, which is later used as a template for the actual wooden sculpture. The clay model offers the great advantage that it can be reworked and improved again and again until the artist is completely satisfied with the result. Next, the figure is carved in solid wood, usually lime wood or Swiss pine. From this, a further model in bronze is cast, which serves as a model for the work on the pantograph. The craftsman traces this model with special tools and rough figures are created to scale. The carver then handles each blank several times so that he can carve the details and, lastly, smooth and polish the sculpture. Finally, the painters give the figures the attractive appearance in which they are presented to customers: they can be provided in oil colours, watercolours or even with a wax stain that serves for protection.

Can I also order by phone?

For all further questions, for customer service as well as for orders, you can, of course, contact us by phone.

Monday to Friday from 09.00-12.00 and 15.00-19.00.

Tel. +39 0471 796624