natural wood

"Natural" finish:

This means the sculpture is not treated any further after the carving. The wood grain is clearly visible.

"Stained" finish:

The sculpture is sealed with a water or wax stain. Wood figures can be stained with various shades of brown.
3x stained

"Stained several times":

The figure is stained with up to four different shades of brown and is then polished with beeswax.

"Glazed" finish:

The figure is hand-painted with oil colours and gilded with leaf metal if required.

"Antique" finish:

The sculpture is primed after carving, finely painted and gilded with leaf metal if required. It is then painted with crackle varnish to give it its antique appearance.
Gold leaf

"Real gold" finish:

The figure is painted in oil colours and is then gilded. Real gold (gold leaf) is used for gilding.
Gold leaf (Antique)

"Real gold antique" finish:

The figure is primed with a chalk base and is then painted with tempera colours and pigments to produce an antique effect. The gold pieces are made of real, polished gold leaf.