Val Gardena

Val Gardena

Val Gardena is a small, idyllic valley in South Tyrol

Val Gardena is a small, idyllic valley in South Tyrol. It stretches from Ponte Gardena to the passes, the Gardena Pass and the Sella Pass. The three main villages of the valley are Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva. The valley is small, but its history is impressive. The forests of the valley (forestum ad Gredine) were first mentioned in a written document in 999, when Count Otto von Andechs passed on a part of it to the bishop. Its inhabitants, the Ladins, at that time, as they still do today, spoke a particular language, Ladin. It is a Rhaeto-Romanic minority language that developed when the ancient Rhaetian peoples came across the Romans who spoke Latin.

Because the valley, with its mountains, was quite isolated for centuries, the language has been preserved until today. The Castel Gardena (Fischburg) as well as the castle ruins in Vallunga are also witnesses to history. The latter served as a hunting residence for Count Wolkenstein and his family until it was destroyed by falling rocks. At the foot of the Stevia, the foundation walls are still visible today.

Val Gardena is a world-famous tourist resort.

Today Val Gardena is a world-famous tourist resort. In winter, the renowned ski resort is frequented by thousands of ski tourists every year. In summer, breathtaking mountain landscapes attract the most enthusiastic hikers. The Sassolungo Group, the Sella Massif and the Odle Group are just some of the beautiful mountains that surround the valley. Majestic peaks as well as the diverse flora and fauna make Val Gardena a very popular travel destination in the heart of nature.

Val Gardena is also very famous for the tradition of woodcarving. It is part of the valley’s cultural heritage as craftsmen have been carving wooden figures, which are exported all over the world, for generations. One can speak of a true carving culture because in this small valley in South Tyrol high-quality works of art are created from wood, which stands for tradition and quality. These special sculptures are offered for sale at the Comploj Andreas shop in Ortisei. Our shop offers a wide range of profane and sacred woodcarvings in all sizes and finishes.